Archaeology offers a unique window on the past and AOC has long recognized the value of bringing local history and archaeological discoveries into the classroom.  We have visited schools, hosted site visits and developed workshops for children.  Now we are intensifying and formalizing our school-oriented efforts, partnering with schools, preparing teaching guides, and developing schools programmes that meet the needs of schools systems and curricula across the country.  

Drawing from our broad and deep interdisciplinary knowledge of the past, we can offer a range of innovative and interesting tools and options to help teachers to make the past come alive.  You may like a resource with a specific focus, for example, one that uses case studies from your area to provide information on local archaeological sites and landmarks, and those who lived, worked and died there in the past or a handling kit with a collection of genuine and replica artefacts that will form the focus of a series of carefully designed activities.

The study of archaeology can contribute to many different subject areas and, working alongside teachers in and beyond the school setting, archaeologists can provide high quality expertise and specialist knowledge which augments and complements the professionalism and expertise which already exists in schools.  

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can help you to bring archaeology into your classroom.  

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