historic building survey

York MinsterThe most important and visible elements of our cultural heritage are the buildings which fill our towns and cities and grace the countryside. Like monuments buried beneath the soil many decision makers and conservation groups rightly view historic buildings as the key elements in heritage management and development programmes and request expert advice and careful documentation of this rich resource.

AOC offers a wide range of built heritage services including standing building assessments for desk-based assessments, conservation management plans and environmental impact statements, historic building surveys, professional buildings photography, detailed measured surveys, 3D laser scanning and photogrammetry, professional historical research, specialised building conservation services, dendrochronology and publication.

We have a strong in-house team of built heritage experts who have a wealth of experience in working on a number of different building types of a variety of periods and over the last two decades have worked on vernacular buildings, industrial buildings and complexes, churches, schools, public buildings, country houses, hospitals and asylums, urban buildings and townhouses, country parks and gardens, Neolithic structures and complexes, bridges, medieval tower houses, quays and harbours, lighthouses, public houses and hotels and 20th century and World War Two heritage.

AOC is at the forefront of built heritage recording and regularly undertake 3D laser scan surveys of all types of structures creating a highly detailed and complete three-dimensional record of monuments and structures to create a multitude of useful information ranging from 2D elevations, sections and plans to flythrough models.

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