Post-excavation services

AOC Archaeology provides a comprehensive post-excavation service. We have a dedicated team to take an archaeological project from initial project design and management through assessment and analyses of sediments, bio-materials and artefacts, to interpretation, reporting and publication. Our post-excavation team ensures that, following retrieval from the field, archaeological samples and artefacts are swiftly assessed and evaluated, facilitating a seamless transition in project stages, and ensuring a fast turnaround time for our clients.Vertebra

Our in-house expertise includes:

  • sedimentology
  • soil micromorphology
  • soil chemistry
  • dendrochronology
  • palaeobotany
  • palynology
  • faunal analysis
  • osteoarchaeology
  • artefact conservation and analysis
  • 3D artefact digitisation
  • building materials
  • lithics

AOC post-excavation staff are highly skilled with exceptional pedigree; many of our staff are upheld as experts in their field with decades of experience in post-excavation.

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