Archaeological Services

Archaeology is about more than just digging.

Managing the historic environment, whether through the planning process, research or community outreach, is a challenge that demands a diverse range of skills. Our experienced team is equipped to advise you on all stages of a heritage-related project, from design to delivery.

If you need to fulfil a planning condition related to the historic environment, our expert team can guide you through the process of designing a survey, evaluation or excavation that deals with your development requirements appropriately and effectively.

Managing the archaeological process

ArrowheadAs one of the best-equipped archaeological units in the UK, we are uniquely placed to carry complex projects through to completion, supported by ISO-9001 standards of project management.

Responding to your needs

Our team is able to respond quickly and effectively to archaeological discoveries, meaning that where development and heritage meet, a professional and ethical solution can be arrived at efficiently. Our capacity to respond at short notice has been reflected in the award of several long-standing call-off contracts with Historic Scotland.

Fieldwork Services

Survey Services

Geophysical Survey Services

Post-excavation Services

Conservation Services

AOC Archaeology is a Registered Archaeological Organisation (RAO) of the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists