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I need advice on heritage and planning

If you are planning a project that is likely to involve heritage-related concerns, we can help you plan ahead with expert advice.

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I have been given a heritage-related planning condition

I need a survey of an archaeological site or historic building

Survey is the first stage in recording and investigating our heritage. We can provide all types of survey, including LiDAR, laser scanning, 3D topographic or historic building survey.

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I need a geophysical survey

We can provide a wide range of geophysical surveys, including gradiometry/magnetometry, resistivity and ground penetrating radar.

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i want to plan a community heritage project

If you have an idea for a community heritage project and you would like us to help you develop that idea, get in touch to see how we can help make your project a reality.

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I need Conservation services or advice

AOC operates one of the country's best equipped archaeological conservation laboratories. We can provide advice on conservation strategy, or carry out conservation work on a wide range of objects and materials.

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I need post-excavation analysis services

AOC provides a comprehensive post-excavation service, ranging from project design through to specialist scientific analyses, illustration, publication and archiving.

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