An Iron Age Coastal Community In East Lothian: The Excavation Of Two Later Prehistoric Enclosure Complexes At Fishers Road, Port Seton, 1994-5

STAR Monograph 6

edited by Colin Haselgrove & Rod McCullagh with Pamela Lowther & Coralie Mills

STAR 6: Port SetonThe farm lands between the Forth and the Tyne represent one of the richest areas in Britain for crop-mark sites, many of them evidently the remains of Iron Age enclosed settlements. New housing developments at Fishers Road provided a unique opportunity for the detailed investigation of two adjacent enclosures within the space of a single year. Interlinked by a series of over 50 radiocarbon dates, the two investigations encompass extensive studies of the archaeological remains, artefacts, animal bones, plant remains and sediments. The dating programme indicates that the two Fishers Road sites were in contemporary use for at least part of their lives, leading to an exploration in this account of the nature of the relationship between them.

Date of publication: 2000   ISBN: 0 9519344 8 1  Pages: 273   Illustrations: 97(B&W)

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