Archaeological Excavations at Jedburgh Friary 1983-1992

STAR Monograph 5

by Piers Dixon, Ian Rogers and Jerry O'Sullivan

Excavations at Jedburgh FriaryThis report presents an illustrated account of the excavation of the remains of buildings identified as a sixteenth-century house of the Observantine Friars. The evidence points to a gradual development of the Friary, from the initial construction of the north range in the early 1500s through the addition of other buildings which would ultimately enclose a central cloister. The waters of the adjacent Skiprunning Burn were managed by the friars, with drains led into a lade or water-channel diverted from the stream. Analysis of building materials, artefacts and ecofacts recovered during the excavation provides insights into the diet and living conditions of the friars.

Date of publication: 2000   ISBN: 0 9519344 7 3   Pages: 94   Illustrations: 33(B&W)

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