Tim Johnston BSC

Project Officer

Tim JohnstonTim has been working in commercial archaeology for over 8 years. After graduating Tim spent time working in Italy on an Etruscan settlement with the Etruia Nova organization before working for a number field units in the UK including Bournemouth Archaeology, Wessex Archaeology and Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA). Tim spent the majority of 3 years as an archaeologist with MOLA, during which time he excavated a number of sites including The Bloomberg project, and 8-10 Moorgate, both large Roman sites in the city of London. In 2014 Tim was promoted to Senior Archaeologist with MOLA where he was responsible for supervising a number of watching briefs, evaluations and excavations and completing the post excavation work. This included deeply stratified city sites such as Roman remains at Arthur Street and the medieval Thames river wall under Westminster Palace as well as rural sites in the Greater London and south-east area. Tim has recently joined AOC archaeology as a Project Officer.