Sam O’Leary BA (HONS), MA, ACIfA

Graphics and Illustration Officer

Sam O'LearyFrom his undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Exeter University (graduated 2013) to his various appointments in commercial archaeology, Sam has focused on the graphic representation of archaeological data. Working as a digger, geophysicist, consultant and illustrator his experience has taken him from research excavations into the first horse domestication in Kazakhstan (2012), through extensive landscape surveys of Cumbria in advance of the planned nuclear power plant at Sellafield (2015), to a range of projects across England and Wales illustrating excavation plans, maps and artefacts for Cotswold Archaeology (2016-17).

Sam moved to AOC Archaeology in March 2017 to undertake the position of Project Officer: Graphics and Illustration. In this capacity he specialises in the production of graphic outputs that convey complex information in a clear and comprehensive fashion. His specialism include hand drafted and digitised artefact illustration, artefact photography and 3D photogrammetry / photo processing, historic and topographic mapping info graphics and detailed excavation plans / section drawings.