Sam Briscoe MA BSC


Sam BriscoeSam has been digging in archaeology since 2010 and has been doing commercial archaeology since 2015. He has worked on a variety of sites ranging from Paleolithic scatters all the way up to 18th century foundries. He has in-depth experience with medieval archaeology as well as industrial sites, having worked on multiple large scale multi-phased sites. Most of his excavation career has been centered in the North of England.However, he has also carried out work as far afield as Logetec, Slovenia. Sam also enjoys working with faunal material.

During the course of his degree and subsequently Sam volunteered on many research digs and he has wide experience of working with and assisting members of the pubic on community excavations.  He has also helped carry out faunal analyses on a range of assemblages, notably species identification and quantification from the multi period site in Hungate York. Sam also has experience of post-excavation work including: Zooarchaeological analysis, sampling, finds processing, and producing post-excavation assessment reports.

Sam Joined AOC in January 2017 and became a full-time member of staff in December 2017. He has CSCS certification, C.Scope CAT and GENNY training and is experienced in the use of survey-grade GPS.