Natasha Billson


Natasha BillsonSince graduating from Bournemouth University in 2013, Natasha dived straight into field archaeology and has worked on a variety of projects throughout the UK, with the majority of her experience based on deep strat urban sites with multiple phases of occupation, from prehistoric to Post-Med. She has supervised and written post-excavation reports for watching briefs, evaluations and open-area excavations. Natasha has experience of working on infrastructure projects and is apart of AOC's team enabling HS2 works.

Before joining AOC South in May 2018, Natasha was an Archaeologist with Pre-Construct Archaeology (London) from 2014 - 2017. By 2016, Natasha was an Assistant Supervisor on large open area archaeological sites and evaluations. Her most memorable sites include Harper Road where the 4th century limestone sarcophagus displayed at the Museum of London's 2018 Roman Dead exhibition was found. And Holywell Priory, which had a wealth of medieval archaeology including the largest assemblage of insitu Westminster Floor Tiles found outside of Westminster Abbey. Due to the nature of the discovery, she was trained by conservationists and later ran the operation of lifting and post-excavation conservation for archiving.

When Natasha is not in the trenches, she is involved in public engagement; where she has presented at conferences, created vlogs and featured as an Expert Presenter on TV documentaries. Natasha is also known for her script-writing and researching in her role as TV Development and Casting Manager at Past Preservers. Here, Natasha works on archaeological and historically-based documentaries aired on internationally recognised channels including the Discovery Channel and ITV.