Melissa Melikian BA MSC MCIFA

Director (Operations Director, London)

Melissa Melikian

Melissa has been working in commercial archaeology for over 20 years. After graduating, Melissa worked as an excavator for the Museum of London Archaeology Service. During this period, she worked on a number of prestigious sites including the cemetery at Spitalfields, London where she learned skills in the recording and retrieval of human remains. During her MSc she was a visiting scholar at the Royal College of Surgeons and Natural History Museum, London. Melissa joined AOC Archaeology in 2001 and has since been involved in the supervision and management of several large cemetery excavations. She is responsible for the creation and development of the osteology department at AOC Archaeology. In 2007 Melissa was promoted to Post-Excavation Divisional Manager which involved the management and implementation of AOC South’s post-excavation programme.

In December 2007, Melissa was further promoted to Operations Director of the southern region and is responsible for the management of all the offices within that area. This includes all the finances, line management of a team of staff and the overseeing of projects. Melissa has managed many major infrastructure projects on behalf of AOC, including the Olympic Park, East West Rail Alliance and HS2 North Priority and Enabling Packages.

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