Mark Seaborne MA MSC FSA Scot

Digital Development Officer

Mark SeaborneMark has worked since 1987 as a researcher, developer and information architect for organisations in Europe and the US, in education, academia and business. He has been using Web technologies since 1997; between 2002 and 2009 participating in the work of the World Wide Web Consortium. Mark’s technical skills are complemented by:

  • Experience authoring and delivering training materials;
  • Managing and contributing to inter-organisational committees;
  • Presenting at and organising conferences and seminars.

From 2011 Mark has worked increasingly in the heritage sector, with organisations such as Fife Cultural Trust, Dunfermline Heritage Trust and AOC Archaeology:

  • Developing and authoring content for educational Web applications;
  • Participating in and helping to manage community heritage projects;
  • Authoring and delivering guided interpretation of sites to adults and children;
  • Running hands-on archaeology and historical research in schools.


Key Projects

Digital Heritage Application Development (2011-present):

  • What’s a Broch? Broch Centre, Caithness - iPad-based interpretative application;
  • Machars Archaeology Project, Dumfries and Galloway - Educational Web resource;
  • Log Books Online, Fife - Web app. providing access to historical, school logbooks.

 Site-based Projects:

  • Nybster Broch, Caithness - School visits, supervising children on site and guiding;
  • Dig Dunfermline, Fife - Organising and running site tours and school visits;
  • Abbot House, Fife - Providing guided tours.

 School and Youth Group Projects:

  • Crossford Primary School, Fife - Activities related to local Adopt-a-Monument project.
  • Pittencrieff Primary School, Fife - Transcription and digitisation of historical documents.
  • Young Archaeology Club, Fife - Establishing and leading Dunfermline YAC group.