Lucy Whittingham BA FSA

Project Manager (Post Excavation)

Lucy WhittinghamLucy has been working in archaeology as a  post-Roman ceramic specialist for  25  years and has additional site supervisory experience as a field archaeologist. In 2007 she became a post- excavation project manager at Museum of London Archaeology and in 2015 joined AOC Archaeology (London) as a Post-excavation project manager. She is responsible for overseeing the analysis and publication of AOC London sites from processing through to archive and will provide the client costs for these projects. Lucy has also managed the post-excavation for large infrastructure projects such as Crossrail (East) in previous employment.

Lucy has an extensive publication record and over forty publications, in addition to assessment/evaluation reports that she produces on a regular basis. Lucy is responsible for editing publication reports at AOC (London) and for managing their content , quality and place of publication. She also has responsibility for project archiving.

As a ceramic specialist, Lucy has an extensive knowledge of post-Roman pottery. Her major publications have been on site assemblages from the  North-East, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, London and  East Sussex.

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