Lindsey Stirling MA (hons) MSc


Lindsey StirlingLindsey joined AOC in 2016 having previously worked on various projects across Scotland, including a work as a supervisor as part of the Lochore Castle Big Dig 2015. Since joining AOC she has been involved in a range of fieldwork and survey projects.

She graduated from the University of Aberdeen in 2014 with a Masters in Archaeology of the North. Her Masters project focused on the landscape around three Early Medieval shell middens at Sands of Forvie, Aberdeenshire and involved a magnetometry survey and geoarchaeological analysis of surrounding soils. She has also recently published a paper in Medieval Archaeology based on her undergraduate research into Pictish and Viking interactions through a study of textile related tools from Orkney, which won the Martyn Jope Award 2015.


Stirling, L. and Milek, K. 2015. “Woven Cultures: New Insights into Pictish and Viking Culture Contact using the Implements of Textile Production.” Medieval Archaeology 59: 47-72

Stirling, L. 2015. “The land beneath the sand: contextualising the early medieval shell middens at Sands of Forvie.” Medieval Settlement Research 30(2015): 34-38.