Lindsay Dunbar MA (HONS) MCIFA FSA Scot

Project Manager (Fieldwork)

Lindsay Dunbar

Lindsay has been based in Edinburgh since graduating in 1997 and joined AOC in May 2000. In the years between graduation and this full time post he worked as self employed field archaeologist.

Lindsay has coordinated numerous large scale complex projects, including a multi-phase excavation at Kintore, Aberdeenshire, for over 18 months. As one of our most experienced managers, Lindsay has also excavated a number of significant monuments, including an upstanding Middle Bronze Age roundhouse at Helmsdale, Sutherland, and an early Christian Pictish long cist cemetery at Auchterforfar, by Forfar, Angus for HES. In the last couple of years Lindsay has led the excavation of a medieval site in Edinburgh’s Old Town, a barrow cemetery at Forres, an unenclosed prehistoric settlement at MacAllan Distillery and most recently excavated a large upstanding Iron Age settlement at East Barns, Dunbar. Since 2012 Lindsay has led the Human remains Call-off Contract for HES leading excavations of Viking burials in Orkney at Papa Westray and Sanday and also a prehistoric cist cemetery on Shetland. Over his time at AOC Lindsay has gained wealth of practical experience at all types of archaeological fieldwork and has manged to develop his understanding of project management with particular attention to cost control, risk management and completing projects on schedule.

Ritual, Roundhouses & Romans, Excavations at Forest Road, Kintore’ a joint publication with co-author Murray Cook was released in August 2008 with Vol.2 on the later Kintore Excavations due out in the near future. The Society of Antiquaries published his article on the Helmsdale roundhouse in 2008 with the Auchterforfar Pictish cemetery and MBA settlement at Arbroath both published in TAFAC in 2012. SAIR publications of excavations at Newbridge and MacAllan Distillery followed in 2016 & 2018 respectively and the Cowgate Fire Site is forthcoming, as is as a joint paper on two long barrow cemetery excavations with co-author Martin Cook.

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