Leonie Teufel BSC, MSc (Hons)

archaeologist (inverness)

Leonie Teufel

Leonie joined AOC Archaeology in 2017 after having completed her Masters in Practical Archaeology with University of the Highlands and Islands. She first started working with the Geophysics team where she undertook magnetometry and resistivity surveys for large linear infrastructure projects such as HS2, A9 and A96 Dualling. After which she worked for the London office excavating in Swindon and Kent before returning to assist on HS2 geophysics. In October 2018 she joined the AOC Inverness office where she has been working on small to medium scale excavations, evaluations and watching briefs. She has also been undertaking Archaeological Clerk of Works roles on large scale infrastructures job such as the A9 dualling.

Before her work with AOC she has worked on a range of research projects such as the SERF project (University of Glasgow); The Craw Stane Rhynie and Tap O’ Noth Rhynie (University of Aberdeen); Iona (University of Glasgow); the Cairns Brooch (University of the Highlands and Islands). Her involvement with these research projects has consisted for a mix of excavation and geophysical survey as well as training students and volunteers on how to carry out a range of archaeological field techniques.