Kimberley Teale BSc

Project OFFICER (Geophsyics)

Kimberley TealeKimberley has a wide range of experience across the commercial archaeology sector, specialising in geophysical survey but with wide experience of archaeological watching briefs, evaluations, excavations and geophysical surveys. After graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2009 with a BSc in Geology and Archaeology, Kimberley joined Wessex Archaeology as an Assistant Archaeologist and participated in a number of large excavations, watching briefs and post-excavation projects. Kimberley subsequently worked on various projects for MOLA, Wessex and Archaeological Services WYAS gaining experience across the country. Kimberley has since focussed on archaeological geophysics and began working with GSB Prospection as a geophysicist in 2015. She lead magnetometer survey projects and soon progressed to, supervising large projects and following results through to the end result; creating detailed CAD interpretation drawings and writing reports. She has knowledge in various survey methods including gradiometer survey, resistance survey, ground penetrating radar survey and topographical survey.