Kimberley Teale BSc

Project Manager (Geophsyics)

Kimberley Teale

Kimberley is a geophysical surveyor with a wide range of experience across the commercial archaeology sector.

After graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2009 with a BSc Hons in Geology and Archaeology, Kimberley trained with York Archaeological Trust before joining Wessex Archaeology as an Assistant Archaeologist. Kimberley gained valuable experience through a number of evaluations, large excavations (notably MOD Durrington, Wiltshire) watching briefs and post-excavation projects (notably the East Kent Access Road post-ex).

Kimberley followed this with various stints working for MOLA, Wessex Kent and Sheffield and Archaeological Services WYAS, gaining experience on projects across the country.

Kimberley has since focussed on archaeological geophysics and began working with GSB Prospection as a trainee geophysicist in 2015. She swiftly progressed to a supervisory role, leading teams in detailed magnetometer surveys and following projects through to the end result; creating detailed CAD interpretation drawings and writing reports. Kimberley also gained knowledge in various other non-intrusive survey methods such as earth resistance, ground penetrating radar and topographical survey.

Kimberley joined AOC Archaeology in early 2016 as a Project Supervisor, progressing to Project Officer soon afterwards. Kimberley has gained experience of running and surveying complicated large scale pipeline projects as well as enhancing her knowledge and skill set with non-intrusive survey techniques, such as helping to set up and implement a new non-magnetic cart based system. Kimberley now runs projects through from quote to report completion. Development of the geophysics department and team is a priority and Kimberley works hard to adapt and improve the efficiency of current survey techniques, as well as quality checking reporting and illustrating formats to help the team grow and continuously improve.

Key geophysical projects include:

  • HS2
  • East-West Rail
  • A9 & A96 dualling
  • Birmingham Resilience Pipeline
  • Manston Airport