Josh Bower BSc PIfA


Josh BowerJosh grew up in Alexandria on the northern coast of Egypt where he first developed his passion for archaeology. He graduated from Bournemouth university in 2013 with a BSc in archaeology and since then has amassed a wealth of experience on sites spread across the UK.

Specialising in Field Archaeology, Josh has worked on multiple large-scale projects such as the EA1 wind farm development in Suffolk, as well as smaller volunteer sites like the lost city of Trellech in Monmouthshire where he appeared on an episode of escape to the country!

Since joining AOC, Josh has worked on several urban sites in London and multiple rural sites ranging from Swindon to Middlesbrough. He has also developed experience in geophysics whilst mapping a pipeline in Derbyshire. His favourite find is a clay pipe c.1580 recovered from a mediaeval sewer in northeast London.