Johnnie Gallacher MA (HONS)

archaeologist (Inverness)

Johnnie Gallacher

In 2014, having worked in the construction industry for several years, Johnnie decided to pursue fourth level education. He matriculated at the University of Edinburgh, graduating in 2018 with a Master of Arts with Honours degree in Archaeology. The culmination of his education, his final year independent research dissertation project was graded First Class Honours.

Following graduation he entered a formal training placement with another company aimed at earlier career archaeologists, ‘Pathway to Practitioner of the Chartered Institute’. This was gained due to having made a good impression during two previous spells with the company, including as the Archaeological Supervisor on the “DigIt! 2017 at Auchindrain” community excavation, and building recording at Lews Castle, Stornoway. He subsequently went on to work on a variety of pre-construction archaeology project throughout Scotland gaining skill and experience in excavation, recording, database construction, watching briefs, surveying, and soil processing.