John Barber BA MA FSA (Lond) FSA (Scot) MCIFA


John Barber

John has over thirty-five years experience within varying aspects of the heritage industry ranging from field excavation to the presentation of archaeological sites. He worked for Historic Scotland for fourteen years, latterly as Senior Field Archaeologist, managing their Central Excavation Unit. During this time he directed many large-scale field projects and pursued his research interests in archaeological science, theory and practice, the Later Bronze Age, the Early Christian Period and early wood technology, publishing widely on these subjects. He left in 1991 to form AOC Archaeology Group and as Chairman, determines the strategic direction of the company. He is an acknowledged expert in the area of archaeology, heritage and planning legislation and is an experienced Expert Witness at public inquiries regarding archaeology. John is also a specialist in the field of Cultural Resource Management and acts as archaeological consultant to a wide client portfolio, on projects ranging from commercial developments to Heritage Lottery funded projects. John is active in raising the public profile of archaeology more widely and has given many public presentations, including several television appearances and a number of invited lectures at international conferences and business gatherings. 

John recently completed a PhD on the engineering, architecture and conservation of Iron Age brochs with the University of Edinburgh.

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