Helen Chittock BA, MA, PhD

Project Officer, Post-Excavation


Helen Chittock

Helen’s archaeological career has focused on the research and analysis of later prehistoric finds, and she has a particular interest in the social functions of decorated objects. Research roles at the University of Southampton, British Museum and University of Oxford allowed her to develop specialist skills in the analysis of metalwork, pottery and bone objects, and in interpreting the data derived from these analyses. Her work on artefacts has been published in a number of peer reviewed publications and she is also the co-editor of a recent volume, Archaeology with Art.

Since February 2018, Helen has been working as a Project Officer in the Post-Excavation Department of AOC’s London Office. Her role includes specialist finds analysis and reporting, preparing articles for publication and assisting with the delivery of the post-excavation business plan.

Having worked previously in teaching and museum roles, Helen is committed to the communication of archaeology to a wide range of audiences and she is active in outreach, volunteering with the Young Archaeologists Club and delivering talks to local societies and academic conferences. She also sits on the committee of the Later Prehistoric Finds Group and has recently taken up the role of Deputy Chair. In addition, she is an experienced field archaeologist, having taken part in the excavation of sites of a range of dates across southern Britain.

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