Genoveva Dimova BA MA

Post-Excavation/Conservation Technician

Genoveva DimovaBefore joining AOC as a post-excavation and conservation technician, Genoveva worked as a field archaeologist. She gained experience in a wide variety of projects, ranging from the early Neolithic to the late Medieval, across Scotland – from the West End of Glasgow to the isle of St Kilda in the North Atlantic. She worked on evaluations, watching briefs and excavations, as well as post-excavation environmental and finds processing.

During her archaeology degree at the University of Glasgow, she developed a keen interest in the material culture of the Viking Age. She used her knowledge of Russian to focus on the Eastern parts of the Viking diaspora which are not particularly well documented in English, and completed a dissertation comparing the differences in gendered burial practices between Scotland and the Rus. Later, during her masters in Material Culture and Artefact Studies, she expanded on the topic of gender and burial, writing a dissertation on textile production tools from Viking Age graves in Scotland.