Ewan Chipping BA (Hons.) MSc

Archaeologist and Zooarchaeologist

Ewan ChippingEwan joined AOC (London) in January 2015 with experience in both fieldwork and as a zooarchaeologist. Ewan worked on a part time self-employed basis since 2013 for various companies including MGA, L.S. Archaeology and AOC (York) whilst at studying at University. Significant sites included excavation of an Iron Age square barrow cemetery at Malton and Norton in 2012 and a Romano-British enclosure near Ripon in 2013. Ewan has regularly conducted site tours for local community and outreach projects including community test pitting and local talks in Norfolk. Since graduating in 2014, Ewan has been employed at Suffolk County Council Archaeological Services with experience of sites such as Lakenheath. Currently at AOC London Ewan has been undertaking evaluations and watching briefs predominantly in the Greater London area, but also in Wiltshire, Shropshire, Kent, Surrey and Wales.

Ewan has a particular interest in animals in archaeology graduating an MSc Zooarchaeology with distinction researching aurochs in the Mesolithic/Neolithic environment from cave sites in Yorkshire. Whilst in York Ewan collaboratively produced the initial assessment report on the animal bone collected over four years from the Teffont Archaeology project, based around the village of Teffont Evias in south Wiltshire. Ewan also contributed work on faunal remains from YAT’s Hungate project. Now Ewan is the zooarchaeologist at AOC London, producing a number of animal bone specialist assessment reports on material from Chichester, W Sussex, Lakenheath in Suffolk, the Southwark bear baiting arenas and other post-medieval domestic assemblages from London and the surrounding area.  

Selected Bibliography

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