Ciara Clarke MSc PhD MCIFA FSA Scot

DEputy Managing DIRECTOR

Ciara Clarke

Ciara is AOC’s deputy Managing Director working closely with the MD and senior management team in the strategic management and direction of the company. She also oversees AOC Archaeology Group’s post excavation and conservation operations and is responsible for maintaining a highly qualified and skilled team of in house specialists which allows AOC to deliver a wide range of services to clients whilst ensuring quality, excellence, compliance with regulatory requirements and customer satisfaction. Ciara has over twenty years of experience in the commercial archaeology sector. From 1994 -2000 Ciara guided environmental aspects of field and post excavation programmes as senior environmental scientist for the University of Edinburgh Archaeological Field Unit; also undertaking specialist work for both commercial and research projects.  She was a member of the field unit’s senior management team, and a founder Director of the company when it was launched into the private sector. In 2000 Ciara joined AOC Archaeology Group initially as manager of the post excavation sector (North), but ultimately overseeing all post excavation and conservation. In this challenging role she has gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of post excavation projects in Scotland, England and Ireland. Ciara continues to nurture an interest in the archaeology of the Scottish wetlands on which she has undertaken several research projects and to conduct palynological work. 


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