Charlotte Douglas MA MPhil ACIFA

Project Officer (community Archaeology)

Charlotte DouglasCharlotte joined AOC Archaeology Group in 2011. She brought with her a wealth of experience in public archaeology research projects, having supervised excavations with the Bamburgh Research Project, an archaeological field school in Northumberland, and Paxton Before the House, a community project in the Scottish Borders. Prior to that she had been involved in research excavations in Germany, Slovak Republic, and elsewhere in the UK, and had gained experience in commercial archaeology in Scotland. 

Since joining AOC Charlotte has coordinated a number of community excavation projects focussing on a range of time periods, including: excavations at Moncreiffe Hill with Tay Landscape Partnership (Perthshire); Nybster Broch Project and Thrumster Broch Community Excavation (Caithness); Life & Death in Assynt’s Past and Assynt Fire & Water (Sutherland); and Hidden History of the Scottish Borders in the Time of King Arthur (Scottish Borders). Charlotte has helped to deliver projects in urban settings including Explore Saughton Park and Dig Leith Fort (Edinburgh), and has also been involved in wide-ranging archaeological survey through the Machars Archaeology Project (Dumfries and Galloway). 

Charlotte also works closely with community groups and other clients in project development, identifying possible sources of funding and drafting funding applications. She takes a leading role in the development, coordination and delivery of AOC’s public archaeology projects. 

Charlotte has also developed the company’s strategy for promoting public archaeology and disseminating the results of archaeological research to the general public, particularly through online blogs, social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and through press releases for printed media, TV and radio. 

Charlotte recently completed a research masters (MPhil) through the University of Glasgow, looking at Roman-period leather from Scotland and Hadrian’s Wall.

Selected Bibliography

Douglas, C. 2015 'Roman leather from Scotland & Hadrian's wall' In: Breeze, David J., Jones, Rebecca H. and Oltean, Ioana A., (eds) 2015. Understanding Roman Frontiers. Edinburgh: Birlinn, 167-81.