Catriona D. Gibson MA PhD MCIFA

Project Manager

Catriona GibsonCatriona has been working for over 25 years as a professional archaeologist, in both the commercial and academic spheres. She worked for a number of archaeological units in Scotland and England prior to embarking on her PhD at Reading. During and after this time she undertook research and commercial-led excavations in Britain, Portugal, Egypt and Jordan. She also co-directed (with Dr Jonathan Last of English Heritage) the excavations at the West Mound of Çatalhöyük in Turkey. Since 2000, Catriona worked as a Project Officer, Senior Project Officer and Project Manager for several English companies, including nearly 10 years at Wessex Archaeology. She ran large sites in the field and wrote several of these up for publication. Some of the principal infrastructure projects comprised the excavations at Heathrow airport in advance of the construction of Terminal 5, and investigations at multi-period landscapes in Springhead, Kent, Boscombe Down, Amesbury, and Old Sarum, Salisbury, all in advance of major housing developments.

More recently Catriona has been part of several ambitious research projects. These were the ‘Ancient Britain in the Atlantic Zone Project’ (ABrAZo) project and she helped secure funding for the AHRC-funded ‘Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages Project’ (AEMA), both based at the University of Wales. Prior to joining AOC, Catriona just completed work on the AHRC-funded Grave Goods Project, based at the University of Reading. This project explored the changing nature of death and burial in prehistoric Britain, and the diverse roles that grave goods play in funerary rituals.

Catriona’s archaeological interests include investigating practices of memory and forgetting in the past, understanding mobility and connectivity during the Bronze Age, exploring ritual, death and ideology in later prehistory and furthering connections between developer-led and academic archaeology.

Catriona has published widely on various different themes in archaeology and a select bibliography is provided below.

Papers and books in research-led publications

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Site monographs and papers in regional journals


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