Benet Davis


Benet DaviesBenet is a recent addition to the AOC permanent staff. Before joining AOC Benet specialized in Roman archaeology, completing an MA from the University of Southampton. He volunteered on a number of Iron Age and Prehistoric excavations in Europe and Canada before moving to the UK in 2017. Since joining AOC he has contributed to a wide variety of commercial projects in England and Scotland, ranging from rural Iron Age and Roman sites, such as Grantham Bypass, to urban industrial sites, such as Baileyfield. Benet has also been involved in several community projects - excavations at Moncreiffe Hill, Abernethy, Black Loch of Myrton, and Dun Deardail. Through these and various watching briefs, like those at Newstead Roman Fort and Edinburgh St. James, Benet has added to his skills of surveying, illustration, excavation, and other fieldwork techniques. In addition, Benet has had extensive experience in post-excavation work, gaining a thorough understanding of the processes involved, and developed his skills of identification of ecofacts and artifacts from a wide range of sites and geographic regions throughout Scotland and England.