Alex WoodAlex has worked as a field archaeologist since graduating from the University of Edinburgh and was formally employed on a permanent basis by AOC in 2017. Prior to taking this full time post he has worked as a freelance field archaeologist for several field units across Scotland. This experience has significantly developed Alex’s fieldwork skills in terms of excavation, recording and survey. Alex has a strong passion for the practical aspects of field excavation and a keen interest in the prehistory of Scotland and for the role of wood as a resource in past societies.

Since joining AOC Alex has worked on numerous large scale greenfield evaluations across Scotland and England  such as Durie’s Hill, Birmingham Water Pipeline and Manston Airport. As his experience has grown Alex has led evaluations near Nairn and Bonnyrigg. During 2017 Alex was part of several large scale excavations such as Grantham Bypass as well as working on the exceptional Iron Age community projects of Black Loch of Myrton and Clachtoll Broch where he was able to combine his interests of education and hands on practical skills.