Excavation of a Loch Ness-side Burial

The cist on discoveryIn early 2015, a team from AOC's Inverness office undertook emergency excavations on behalf of NHS Highland on the site of the new £1.5 million health centre in Drumnadrochit, after human remains were unexpectedly discovered by the construction team. The discovery of this prehistoric burial, situated between two rivers on the low-lying plain of Urquhart Bay off Loch Ness, was a rare find for the area where little is known about prehistoric occupation.

The cist, which contained the well-preserved remains of a crouched inhumation burial, was recorded and excavated in time for site clearance to continue on schedule. During excavation of the cist, the team identified the shallow remains of a second possible burial pit containing the fragments of a decorated Beaker pot and a rare find of a stone wrist guard.