Consolidation of Casteil Grugaig Broch

Consolidation underway at Casteil GrugaigEarlier this year, AOC was commissioned by Forestry Commission Scotland to record the Iron Age broch of Casteil Grugaig, which overlooks Loch Alsh at Totaig on the Isle of Skye. This stunning monument was recorded by means of a laser scan survey prior to a detailed assessment by a conservation architect. Following on from this, specialist stonemasons undertook a programme of consolidation and conservation.

The stonemasons followed the example of the existing stonework, enabling intuitive and responsive repair (right). Their work was carefully recorded through detailed photography of discrete areas both before and after the repairs, annotation of specially created conservation record sheets with detailed comments, and by a post-conservation laser scan survey.

The interior and exterior wall faces have now been repinned, alongside the internal passages, stairway and galleries, stabilising lintels and wall faces where possible. Several large, displaced stones have been removed or realigned. Central to our work was striking a balance between interventionist consolidation and authentic character, and with this in mind, areas of collapsed rubble have been retained. The dynamic process of structural decay has been slowed but not halted or reversed. The drystone consolidation has demonstrated what can be achieved by implementing a sensible and flexible approach to conservation.

Orthoimage of Casteil Grugaig

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