Archaeology on the Route of West Link Road

FeatureDuring 2015 and 2016, AOC's Inverness team commenced a programme of archaeological work ahead of and during construction works for the new West Link Road in Inverness. Working with Capita and the Highland Council, AOC provided consultancy and fieldwork throughout planning and development stages of the project. Construction of the new road commenced in Spring 2016.

 Archaeological evaluation followed by excavation and watching brief had revealed extensive prehistoric settlement in the areas of Canal Park and Holm Mills near the River Ness. Archaeological remains included the bases of circular roundhouses and extensive clusters of Neolithic pits representing domestic settlement. Pottery, stone tools and flints analysed so far have been proven to date from the early to middle Neolithic period, around 3,500-3,000 BC. The archaeological work undertaken during the construction of the new West Link Road has been vital for identifying the remains of the town’s ancient past, in a part of Inverness where almost no previous fieldwork had been undertaken. AOC’s efficient staff were able to ensure that there were no delays to the development.

The project also allowed the opportunity to engage with pupils at the local primary school: archaeologists provided a presentation about their work during the West Link Road construction, including photographs from the fieldwork and their finds. 

Working shot