Built Heritage of Academy Street, Inverness

Buildings researchAOC's Inverness team has been working closely throughout 2017 with Inverness Museum and Art Gallery on the Inverness Townscape Heritage Project. This community project centres on Academy Street, Inverness, and will produce a mobile website at its conclusion.

AOC's Lynn and Mary have facilitated a variety of workshops and events that have been attended by a diverse group of people; they have been working with both the general public and specific groups. The aim of the workshops and events is to generate memories and content that can be used on the mobile website. This has been achieved through memory gathering sessions using old photographs of Academy Street, newspaper articles and adverts and memorabilia to stimulate discussion. Not only have memories been relived, but old friendships rekindled.

Right: Participants researching buildings on Academy Street at the Highland Archive Centre

Workshops have taken place within the Highland Archive Centre and Inverness Library with participants researching and producing biographies of buildings on Academy Street. Art sessions have produced etchings and mosaics using the street as inspiration. Photography workshops saw participants recreating historic photographs of buildings on Academy Street and documenting the historic Victorian Market. Exhibitions of all these works have been staged at Inverness Museum.Victorian Market, Inverness

Above: images taken during rephotography of the Victorian Market, Academy Street, Inverness © Gary Matheson